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What is Supplier Pull Management TM? Well, you can always accept the mundane & conceptual definition, but we feel that it is something different, something significant, something more. RBW Logistics has over 15 years experience of implementing & executing successful supplier managed programs, transitioning a smarter supply chain from concept to reality.

Many companies express interest in supplier pull management, but have troubles getting it from a concept to reality. Making something from nothing is hard to do, however; you don’t have to…We can build it for you! RBW Logistics understands that you need something scalable, a program that can grow with your business needs. We look at every situation differently, it’s definitely not a “one size fits all” idea. First off, we would like to clear up a few misinterpretations of what many believe Supplier Pull Management really is. A successful program:

  • Has NO Sarbanes-Oxley issues
  • Has NO corporate FICAP classification concerns
  • Is NOT consigned inventory
  • Is NOT too difficult or costly to implement
  • Has a number of benefits for both the manufacturers and suppliers

In reality, Supplier Pull Management TM is defined as better planning and supply chain visibility. A few of the benefits include immediate positive cash flow, virtual elimination in overall lead time and reduced costs. For a full list of benefits for both the manufacturer and supplier, click here.

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Supplier-Pull Management TM Puzzle: Keep Everything Balanced

Logistics demands precise measurement of receipts, deliveries, and inventory. Your challenge: determine how many clubs, diamonds, or spades it takes to bring balance to the last scale.