The RBW Team

Delivering the Goods.

Meet the RBW Logistics Family.



Frank Anderson
President / CEO

Frank Anderson joined RBW full time in 1996 after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in Business Administration. While he has worked in all areas of RBW, from operating forklifts to running the floor sweepers to installing racks, Frank’s first official position at RBW was an Operations Manager at their 4-H Club Road facility.


Pat Harris
Chief Financial Officer

Pat Harris is passionate about bringing all stakeholders together to innovate solutions to complex business challenges. She has provided 20+ years of both strategic leadership and technical expertise, surpassing shareholder goals. Harris has integrated technology and insightful analytics throughout previous organizations and will continue to do so at RBW. She has extensive experience in merges and acquisitions, organic growth, finance, credit management, worldwide supply chains, and manufacturing/distribution operations.


Tony Calabrase
Chief Technology Officer

After leaving the Navy Submarine Service where he served as a Nuclear Engineer, Tony Calabrase began his civilian career as the Chief Engineer of NASA Spaceflight Electronics and was later asked to head the IT Department. From NASA, Tony went to IBM where he served as the SVP in the IT Strategy and Planning group that helped Fortune 100 companies develop and align their IT Strategies with their business strategies. After a two-year temporary assignment at Newport News Shipbuilding as the CTO executing a strategy his team created, Tony returned to IBM as a Partner in charge of the IBM Global Defense Group, managing over 11,000 employees in 14 countries. From IBM Tony then joined NYK Ceres Terminals as the CIO and was tasked with creating a consolidated IT Data and Services center to support the 18 shipping and RORO terminals across the U.S. In 2018, Tony came to RBW to build and support a state-of-the-art IT department. Since then RBW has become one of the few 100% cloud based 3PL’s, eliminating legacy data centers and the high cost to support those environments. In addition to leading-edge technologies, a strong emphasis is placed on security and monitoring, ensuring corporate information and systems remain safe.

Patrick Randolph-1

Patrick Randolph
Director of Operations
Years at RBW: 1

Patrick Randolph joined RBW Logistics as Director of Operations. His previous role was Vice President of Fulfillment and Customer Service for a cold chain ecommerce startup; where he oversaw nationwide warehousing, fulfillment and customer care operations while achieving world class Net Promoter and CSAT scores with world class accuracy. Patrick’s background includes serving as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations for manufacturing and third party logistics companies. He founded, managed and sold, a third party e-commerce fulfillment company with a nationwide footprint. He has broad experience managing a diverse workforce and created a second chance opportunity program for recently released felons in Scranton. He has been a featured speaker on entrepreneurship at numerous colleges and universities. His passion is using people, processes and technology to drive down costs, improve productivity and improve the customer experience.
Logistics is... wrapping solutions around customer needs.

Mark Lindley

Mark Lindley
Vice President of Sales

Mark Lindley joined RBW Logistics as Vice President of Sales. After earning his Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from the University of North Carolina, Mark spent nearly two decades in wholesale distribution, where he has extensive experience in Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and Management. For the past 12 years, Mark was the Customer Service Manager for Europa Sports Products, the nation's largest sports supplement distribution company. During his tenure with Europa, Mark led 5 divisions with over 40 direct reports across the United States. Given the current challenges with the supply chain, Mark is ready to help our customers solve their logistical problems.


Aaron Ferguson

Aaron Ferguson
Business Analyst - Operations & Development
Years at RBW: 12

Logistics is… puzzle pieces of creativity, flexibility and innovation.



John Albright
Senior Operations Manager
Years at RBW: 16

Logistics is... the ability to anticipate the unexpected.


Thaddeus Miller
Operations Manager
Years at RBW: 14

Logistics is... efficient product flow.


Renee Lambert
Operations Manager
Years at RBW: 4

Logistics is... a lot of moving parts.

Blackwell, Matt

Matt Blackwell
Operations Manager
Years at RBW: 2

Logistics is... the congruous amalgamation of transportation and warehouse management that is the backbone of global industry and commerce.

Robert Whitfield

Robert Whitfield
Operations Supervisor
Years at RBW: 17

Logistics is… getting the customer what they want, when they want it.

Ray Story

Ray Story
Lead Operator
Years at RBW: 31

Logistics is… getting the job done.

Jeremy Gilyard

Jeremy Gilyard
Lead Driver
Years at RBW: 13

Logistics is… doing the impossible.


Kilgore, Jennifer

Jennifer Kilgore
Human Resources Director
Years at RBW: 1

Logistics is... supporting the flow of goods and resources to ensure efficient supply and demand.

Robyn Harvison

Robyn Harvison
Accounting Clerk
Years at RBW: 10

Logistics is… noticing the small details that can make a big impact.

Sherrie Glover

Sherrie Glover
Customer Service Representative
Years at RBW: 35

Logistics is… creative and innovative problem solving.

Jada Renew

Jada Renew
Food Safety Manager
Years at RBW: 17

Logistics is… the bridge between point A and B.