Public & Contract Warehousing

When a business realizes they are running out of space or need a more strategical storage location, they may be looking to RBW Logistics for a short term solution or a long term commitment. Regardless of what that may be, we can accommodate your needs.

We understand that projects come and go, markets fluctuate and sometimes supply and demand get out of whack. If this happens to your business, you may be needing temporary relief from obstacles that arise. If that’s the case, you don’t want to be tied down by a long, 5 or 10 year contract. You want a month to month plan, allowing your business the flexibility to use a 3PL provider as needed.

On the other hand, some companies are looking for a partnership, someone they can rely on for the long haul. With our experience in dealing with a majority of the manufacturers in the area, partnerships have become our specialty. Many manufacturing plants that don’t have the trucks or warehousing space to meet storage and distribution needs, team up with logistics providers that will build a long-lasting relationship. Instead of investing millions into building your own warehouse or obtaining a fleet of trucks, allow your business the flexibility to fluctuate as demand rises and falls.

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Warehousing Puzzle: Which Baby Needs Changing?

Do what we’ve been doing as long as we’ve been doing it, and sometimes you can feel like you’ve seen it all. Fact is, every client and job is different. Can you tell which of the below is unique?

Warehousing Puzzle: Which Baby Needs Changing?


With global sales in the billions, Kimberly Clark’s demand spikes are just a fact of life. So when KC calls us and asks if they can send in 200-300 truckloads tomorrow, we’re never surprised. What we are is immediately responsive, either clearing or finding the space every time we’ve been asked. Because, the reality of the situation is, whether it’s tissue paper, towels, or diapers, when stuff’s gotta go, it’s gotta go.