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Here at RBW, we love a good challenge and love finding unique solutions to find the perfect fit for our clients. With Omni-Channel Fulfillment we’re able to leverage the latest technology, our expertise in the industry, and key vendor partnerships to ensure goods are delivered accurately and on time on every channel. You’ll love the simplicity and cost savings. Your customers and vendors will love the fast and seamless transaction.

What is  Omni-Channel Fulfillment?

What is
Omni-Channel Fulfillment?

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Omni-Channel Fulfillment works.

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RBW is the Logistics Partner You Need

Technology is key.

Our primary Warehouse Management System, Synapse, provides unparalleled management capabilities for our modern warehouse operations.

Our team performs custom integrations with difficult platforms like Simparel, Magneto, and Shopify to name just a few, and insures Amazon data pass-through.

By using Techdinamics, the best-in-class 3rd-party integrator, we ensure that critical applications and systems management will run like clockwork.

We utilize the latest in scanning and RF gun technology within the facilities to empower real-time visibility for inventory through our customer portals.

Our systems provide customized reporting, dashboards and alerts to make sure that you have all of the data you need to make decisions with efficiency and accuracy.

People make the difference.

From initial training to daily communications, RBW Logistics puts people first to ensure your entire team is on the same page.

Our dedicated Implementation Team executes a custom, detail-oriented integration plan that includes every stakeholder.

The collaborative approach continues through the life of the relationship, fine-tuning the flow of products and information. Our team is with you from planning to launch and beyond.

Our experienced Executive and Operational teams monitor, communicate, and optimize constantly.

We have system “super-users” who have a holistic understanding of the system and capabilities to maximize functionality and ROI.

Offering the right service.

Amazon-eBay Top 100 Strategic Partners

Amazon-eBay Vendor Onboarding & Training

ERP Network support, including Back Office Administration services, Purchase Order Management services, Order Allocation, Best Method Routing, Transportation Management Optimizations, Reverse Logistics, Accounting, and Customer Service

Ocean Freight Transportation

FedEx 48 state flat-rate shipping

2-Day service Coverage within 48 states

Company operated fleet providing drayage to Fulfillment Centers

2,800,000 sq. ft. Warehousing USA Network

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