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What’s Your Problem? RBW Has the Answer

Within most of us there is a yearning to make the best of our potential, to constantly improve. Maybe everything is going well, or maybe the world around you is seemingly falling apart. Either way, our nature is to look for answers and find solutions to our everyday problems. For a business, it’s no different. A successful President, CEO, manger or supervisor is always looking for the most efficient and cost effective route to run a business. With nearly 60 years of knowledge and expertise in supply chain optimization, RBW Logistics can help you do just that.

As all managers know, an effective operational design must take into account a wide range of factors from all areas of the business. The design and processes can have an impact on your overall operations. In turn, this will affect materials and inventory control, process flows and space utilization. At RBW Logistics, we understand the complexity. In order to simplify, our focus will be on key areas of importance, including:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Operations Merger & Acquisition Support
  • Warehouse & Distribution Engineering
  • Process Design and Documentation
  • Demand Planning & Flow Strategy Dev.
  • Incentive Compensation Development
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Inbound and Outbound Logistics Engineering
  • Manufacturing System Integration & Implementation
  • Quality Systems, Six sigma and Auditing Development
  • Labor Standard and Reporting Methods
  • Product Development
  • Facility Flow Design

Our track record over the past 60 years has proven to provide positive results. RBW Logistics has the discovery tools and costing models that allow our clients to consistently save 10-16% of operational costs. When you’re dealing with multi-million dollar companies, that’s definitely no chump change.

If your business is struggling with the way things are done now, we are good at analyzing the situation and providing insight to make your business more efficient and cost effective. Each member of our professional services team utilizes his hands-on operational experience as engineering, warehousing and distribution professionals to provide the advice you need.

Learn more about how RBW Logistics can help with your professional service needs:

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