Simplifying Inventory Management

For a manufacturer, one of the biggest challenges to matching supply and demand is getting the needed supplies on time and keeping the machines running. Most of the time, you have supplies coming from all corners of the globe, putting a huge emphasis on availability, transit times and communication. If any one of those aspects are lacking, you can run into a huge problem. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. RBW Logistics is here to help.

Getting your supplies into a centralized, local warehouse is ideal for any manufacturer. Supplemented with a team that specializes in warehousing and distribution, freight costs, stock outages and inventory carrying costs(to name a few) can be greatly reduced. RBW Logistics has over 15 years experience with supply inventory management, working with suppliers and manufacturers to create better relationships and supply chain visibility.

However, one might ask “How do we implement an effective supplier pull inventory program?” Well, identifying the need and establishing some realistic goals and objectives comes first. We aim to understand your pain points and find a customized solution. No one size fits all. Simply completing a questionnaire and defining a basic scope of work will not create a true path for success.

We have a proven method that’s simple and effective, providing tremendous benefits for both the manufacturer and supplier. We just need your commitment and willingness to change. Select the topic link to understand more about what Supplier Pull is all about.

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