Cross Docking

Need a Pit Stop?

Sometimes your client isn’t quite ready for your product. Or maybe other obligations and deliveries interfere with the transit of your freight. When this happens, you need to find a quick solution and temporary storage space. RBW Logistics understands that these things happen, and have the resources for a quick fix.

In most instances, any storage space or warehouse won’t do the trick. A lot of the time, when damage occurs, it’s in between the origin and it’s destination. You need the right equipment and tools to handle your product with care. With dock height bays, interchangeable forklift attachments and certified employees, we can easily attain to these needs.

Cross docking needs can come up at a moments notice and our dedicated team is quick to react. Within an hour, we will be prepared to receive, stage and put away your product, getting your freight carriers back on the road. When you’re ready to pick it up, we’ll be ready to load you up and get things moving towards the final destination.

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