When shipping internationally, most of the time you cannot use a single mode of transportation. Somewhere along the line, your product will need to be transferred to a truck, boat, plane or rail car. In addition, the product may need reworking for it’s transit over the road or on the high seas. For many imports, product is floor-loaded, with no pallets or shrink wrap packaging. This poses a problem because it needs structural stability to handle the bumps in the road.

Transferring your goods from one mode to another always creates a risk for damage. To do this successfully, you need someone with the equipment and qualified personnel to handle the material. Not to mention that you need it done quickly. With operations in Savannah, GA, just a couple miles from the port, we are set up to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our facilities are set up to minimize the handling and put your mind at ease. With the right man-power, packaging materials and pallets, we can turn this obstacle into a short pit stop.

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