TechnologyTechnology Put to Work

Let RBW Logistics streamline your process. We can do things your way or our way, whatever works best for you. We can replicate your way of doing things in our own facility, providing an additional hub for inventory and distribution. We can also design a dedicated system specifically for your facility. In an environment where being nimble is increasingly important, RBW Logistics has the logistical answers to your pressing business questions.

Our warehouse management system integrates provides a clear and simple interface, allowing for less confusion and more visibility to the client. One of the major advantages of our technological capabilities is the real-time access to your inventory. When a big order comes in, it’s crucial to understand what you have in stock and how much. Within moments of a truckload coming or leaving our warehouse, our team is connecting the dots to quickly update this information. Our software capabilities play a key role in inbound planning services as well, keeping up with your incoming and outgoing loads, reporting, consolidation and tracking of cargo.

In addition to inventory, documentation is crucial as well. Verifying an order request, delivery confirmation, pick-up or damage claim is sometimes needed from your client. Our customer portal gives you the ability to upload bill of ladings, pictures and any related notes, allowing for complete documentation of the process.

For RBW Logistics, integrated solutions are a question of people, process and technology. It’s about finding the most streamlined solution that works for our client's needs, whether that's integration with a software system or a new way of deploying existing assets.

To learn more about how RBW Logistics can help with your technology needs, fill out a contact form or call us at 706.724.0106.