The Total Package

Packaging needs come in all shapes and sizes. Over the last 20 years, RBW Logistics has set up and executed just about every packaging operation, including display assemblies, pick & pack, seasonal rework packaging and kitting services.

In order to provide great quality and excellent service as a contract packager, you must have the workforce flexibility, resources and know-how. RBW Logistics has the goods to provide you with the complete package. Our capabilities and resources include:

  • carton assembly
  • shrink wrapping lines
  • automatic bagging and sealing
  • display assemblies
  • stretch wrappers and conveyer systems
  • seasonal and rework packaging
  • building a kit or case
  • pick & pack operations

Case Study

As the holiday months roll around, you will start to notice a variety of products in seasonal packaging. This a great marketing technique, aimed to catch your eye while out shopping. A local consumer goods manufacturer was gearing up for the holidays and needed assistance with seasonal packaging and display assemblies, to hit the store fronts in the coming months. Some of the product was already packaged and needed to be reworked into a more festive presentation and packaging. With our dedicated team and available resources, we were able meet the demand and get the product on the shelves in time for the holidays.