Thad B&WMeet Thaddeus Miller

Name: Thaddeus Miller

Nickname: Thad

Title: Operations Manager 

Years Of Service: 10 years

Where are you originally from?

Sylvania, GA 

What do you like the most about working at RBW ?

The People. We come in to work hard everyday and have a little fun while getting the job done!

Do you have a favorite sports team?  

I'm an Atlanta Hawks fan. Sometimes they frustrate me when they don't win the games that they should but, I'm still a fan.

What is the most crucial part of your role at RBW ? 

Inventory Control & Accuracy is big, but communication is a huge part. I enjoy building the personal relationships with our customers. This makes the whole process run a lot smoother. 

What do you like about logistics? 

Problem Solving. Every day brings a new dilemma. With every day there is a new opportunity to solve a challenge.