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Why RBW Logistics?

RBW Inside Warehouse For most logistics companies, warehousing and transportation are core competencies. However, RBW Logistics creates value by offering more than just a service. We provide creativity, flexibility and an innovative spirit, a proven resource for many businesses in the Savannah and Augusta, GA markets.

RBW Logistics enjoys a good challenge, creating additional value where it’s needed. We are problem solvers and puzzle people. It’s our job to figure out those logistical puzzles, producing significant results in only a few moves. If you’re interested in building a smarter supply chain, allow us the opportunity to help. RBW Logistics wants more than just providing a service, we want to build, nurture and protect partnerships.

For the most part, other businesses have found a great resource in RBW Logistics because they have experienced one of the following:

  • Trouble with inventory management and timely delivery from suppliers/vendors.
  • Concern about costs associated with rented warehouse space, including labor and machinery.
  • Frustration from an ineffective flow within their supply chain

If this sounds familiar, allow us to understand your challenges. RBW Logistics would welcome the opportunity to solve your problem and put the pieces together.




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“That’s what logistics are made of. At least, that used to be the case. No longer. Nowadays, it’s a lot less about big spaces and a lot more about small details; less about small armies of staff, and more about big ideas. At RBW, we change the way our clients think about logistics. We not only provide basic logistics functions, we find creative solutions to better the way they do business. While this may sound nearly impossible, we have a good time doing it. Just like magic was Houdini’s passion, or music was James Brown’s, ours is solving unique problems. Get with our team and make your future a fun place, where improved cost and efficiency make you look like a genius.”

Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson,
Vice President

Companies Who Trust RBW Logistics

The close relationship that has developed between HPT and RBW over the past several years has allowed us to expand both the products and services that we provide. We have witnessed incredible growth due to the efficiencies experienced with RBW and can state that the relationship with them has allowed us to bring measurable value to our customers.

~ Eugene J. Amici, President, Henry P. Thompson,