Learn About Our Problem Solving Skills

Warehousing Puzzle: Which Baby Needs Changing?

Do what we’ve been doing as long as we’ve been doing it, and sometimes you can feel like you’ve seen it all. Fact is, every client and job is different. Can you tell which of the below is unique?


Warehousing Puzzle: Space Out of Nowhere

One of our favorite pastimes is handling a space crisis quick, fast, in a hurry. See if you can create some extra space above by moving three lines to make 7 boxes out of the 5.


Freight Services Puzzle: In the Eye of The Storm

One thing we’ve learned from being in this business forever is that the devil fools with the best laid plans. Case in point – the weather. See if you can deal with it and bring this shipment home. Don’t draw on your screen.


Puzzle #2: One Smart Move

With freight services, it’s all about making the most out of your moves. See if you can, moving only 1 bucket, make the pattern above alternate between full and empty buckets.


Freight Services Puzzle: Let’s Turn This Thing Around

In the logistics business, sometimes you gotta turn things around in one heck of a hurry. See if you can, moving only 3 batteries, get this shipment pointed in the opposite direction.


Value Added Services Puzzle: Breaking Down The Boxes

RBW handles lots of bulk everything, as you can imagine. Often we take 1 big thing and break it down into lots of little ones for our partners. See if you can make 3 equal boxes moving only 3 lines.



Value-Added Services Puzzle: A Logistical Impossibility?

We’re in our fourth generation of family ownership at RBW Logistics, so we’ve had to move a lot of stuff. See if you can move only two bars to make another glass which the tea bag is outside of.


Supplier-Pull Management TM Puzzle: Keep Everything Balanced

Logistics demands precise measurement of receipts, deliveries, and inventory. Your challenge: determine how many clubs, diamonds, or spades it takes to bring balance to the last scale.


Quality Control Puzzle: Rounding Up & Recycling

At RBW Logistics, we’re all about efficiency. That, and the creative problem solving akin to what you’ll need here. See if you can connect all the trees by using only four straight lines.