• Logistics for Credit

    Posted Feb 2, 2011 //

    Logistics for Credit Feb 2nd, 2011 At RBW, we believe you’re never too young to start learning logisitcs. That’s why we are participating in the Costal Logistics Region’s Georgia Work Ready program, which exposes Savannah-area high school and college students to the Continue Reading >>

  • Analyzing Our Assets

    Posted Jan 21, 2011 //

    People are Priceless added Jan 21st, 2011 It’s no secret that the logistics business is equipment-heavy. Whether it’s the software systems we use to track every item entrusted to us or the big rigs that carry them, there is an increasingly long Continue Reading >>

  • We Love UPS

    Posted Jan 11, 2011 //

    Logistics You Can Dance To added Jan 11th, 2011 Logistics can be difficult to define in finite terms. Because it is the art of creating order from chaos, of taking a multitude of moving parts and making them function as one, it Continue Reading >>

  • RBW Influential in New Georgia Warehouse Law

    Posted Sep 10, 2010 //

    RBW Influential in New Georgia Warehouse Law Sept 10th, 2010 The Georgia state legislature recently passed legislation adopting changes to the Uniform Commercial Code. RBW’s Frank Anderson was highly involved in this initiative by promoting passage of the legislation on the state Continue Reading >>