Author: Frank Anderson

  • From Test Tube To 2 Liter

    Posted Mar 5, 2012 //

    Packaging the Punch added Mar 5th, 2012 Coca-Cola has distribution and manufacturing down to a science, and we aren’t talking about the soda. We all love a Coke in the glass bottle, but that desire comes at a premium. It’s no wonder Continue Reading >>

  • Port Expansion Close To Home

    Posted Feb 7, 2012 //

    Let’s Work Together added Feb 7th, 2012 The debate over the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP) continues to make headlines as politicians in Georgia and South Carolina fight over federal funding for this proposed project. The problem with their arguments is that Continue Reading >>

  • Check Out The Big Brains On MIT

    Posted Nov 2, 2011 //

    Logistics rocket-powered future added Nov 2nd, 2011 The future of logistics is currently being investigated and discussed by some actual rocket scientists. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an ongoing project underway detailing what supply chain might look like as man begins Continue Reading >>